RIBBONscape, located in New York City’s Greenwich Village, is an urban park, garden and learning center dedicated to millions of New Yorker’s touched by the AIDS epidemic. It is a place for visitors to gather, hope, heal, and remember. The wedge shaped plane of the city block tilts up dramatically from 7th Avenue providing space for a learning center below, and a rooftop urban garden above.

The garden is inspired by the global sign of AIDS awareness, the red ribbon. The form folds in on itself creating a complex woven pattern of retaining walls. Planted among the walls are native New York plants and wild flowers that renew seasonally. A ribbon-like pathway moves through the garden allowing visitors to experience the garden from different vantage points. Along the pathway the walls thicken and vary in height providing places for sitting and areas to place wreathes and flowers. The park provides a living memorial and healing sanctuary for those touched by the global pandemic.

Design Team: John Beckmann, Jessica Marvin
Renderings: Jessica Marvin
© 2012 Axis Mundi Design LLC