Austin Osman Spare watercolor portrait


Austin Osman Spare watercolor portrait

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Austin Osman Spare



c. Early 1930s, British
Pencil and watercolor on artist’s board
Signed Moulins
21 x 17 cm (18.5 x 14.25 inches)
Provenance: Victor Arwas

'Moulins' was one of the Experiments in Relativity series that Spare produced for his 1930 Godfrey Phillips show. The style is very specific to that short period, 1929-1933. It seems that 'Mouilins' was a pseudonym that Spare used in the early 30s for some of the female heads. 'Moulins' derived from "Mill" (he and his parents lived for a while at The Old Mill, Chadwell Heath, Essex, and the windmill in some of his earlier drawings and illustrations is apparently a local view).

Austin Osman Spare (30 December 1886 – 15 May 1956) was an English artist and occultist who worked as both a draughtsman and a painter. Influenced by symbolism and the artistic decadence of art nouveau, his art was known for its clear use of line, and its depiction of monstrous and sexual imagery. In an occult capacity, he developed idiosyncratic magical techniques including automatic writing, automatic drawing and sigilization based on his theories of the relationship between the conscious and unconscious self.