West Palm Lofts
West Palm, Florida

"The only constant is change,” goes the old saying. Based on that premise, adaptability, especially in our rapidly shifting times, is a cardinal virtue. West Palm Beach Lofts is adaptable in a number of ways, not least of which is its mixed-use program (the ground floor is devoted to commercial spaces; upper floors to a variety of studios, multi-bedroom units and duplexes). Various elements, however, enhance that adaptability. Motorized perforated metal shutters at the outer edges of the building’s loggia enable a constant visual flux—ranging from entirely open, permeable box to a closed, secure minimalist cube—while also offering tenants instant privacy when desired. (These also, incidentally, provide hurricane protection.) Pivoting 10-foot-high glass panels open the interiors completely to the outdoors, while interior sliding glass doors also allow for variable states of revealing openness and partitioned seclusion. The building presents as modern, though its loggia also reference the deep verandas of Southern homes, thus simultaneously inhabiting the present and the past.

Project Team: John Beckmann and Nick Messerlian
4 stories featuring 8400 sq. ft. per floor. 7600 sq. ft. of commercial space on the ground floor with 800 sq. ft. of lobby/gallery space. 3 residential floors offer various combinations from studios to multi-bedroom to duplex spaces. Each unit has a terrace. 1 triple-bay penthouse with 4000 sq. ft. interior space, and 1400 sq. ft. roof deck
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