YogaSmoga, Various Locations

A younger generation is shaping a more conscious way of doing business. YOGASMOGA, the yoga and sports apparel company, illustrates this perfectly. They’re committed to performance-based, technologically advanced fabrics and manufacturing techniques. But their rigorous company ethos is equally concerned with the planet—no harmful chemicals, a reduced carbon footprint, and giving back to the people who produce their clothes are all part of their value system. Working with a lightening-fast roll-out, and with 10 different locations and various pop-ups, we united the aesthetic through use of a natural Japanese siding treatment that originated at least as far back as the 18th century. In shou sugi ban, woods such as cypress and hemlock are charred, doused with water, cooled, then brushed to remove dust and debris. Finally, it is finished with tung oil. The environmentally friendly method preserves the wood, eliminating the need for paints and retardants. Like Yogasmoga’s clothes, it looks great too.

Design: John Beckmann, with Silvia Tosques and I-Hsuan Chao
© Axis Mundi Design LLC